Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, I am really late on this one! I finished this still life yesterday for Ann Rogers and when dry I will mail Ann's moleskin to Kay Wyne. This last week has been busy and also I've had a million wipe-outs! Yes, a million ..... well, it felt like a million. It's been frustrating, but also good. I've been reading a few art books (since painting was a no go) and concentrating on light. I think I am seeing a little different and I am trying to capture light with paint and continuing to concentrate on loosening up.

This vase of flowers was in a tea shop in Asheville, NC. I took a photgraph and re-discovered it while going through photos for the DPW challenge. I used this photo for another painting I did yesterday and will post that one later on my blog.

And, thanks to Jean Townsend this was much easier to paint! I used her suggestion to put medium on the gessoed paper and that helped in a million ways. YES a million!! Thanks, Jean!

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  1. Linda, haven't checked on this blog lately and somehow missed this post. Love the hydrangeas and vase. You must somehow know that I have been talking to my small pot of hydrangeas and coaxing them to bloom. Now I'll have continual blooms with this painting...thanks!