Friday, February 18, 2011

"Blue and White Collectibles" by Ann Rogers

oil on gessoed moleskin

So glad to have this new project, Texas Moleskin Round-up, under way and I'm looking forward to seeing what other artists come up with on my theme of "your favorite thing to paint". The still life is my subject of choice so the first entry in my moleskin is this collection of blue and white collectibles along with fruit. 

Thanks, Angela, for coming up with this clever idea to share our artwork with other artists, and thanks to you too, Linda. for setting up our blog so we can share our fun with others.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I painted this in my moleskin as the first painting before I send it on to Kay Wyne. She will then paint whatever she would like to in our moleskin exchange. I am so happy that our first painting was in our own sketchbook. I gessoed the paper and then approached the painting as I would when painting on a canvas or board. When applying the ground I made a horrible mess! Then my moleskin fell off the easel and that was an additional mess. I managed to clean everything and continue, but if it had been someone else's I would still be totally stressed!

02/14/11 Seaside by Carol Morgan

I chose to add this uncropped picture in case anyone else has the "messies" like I do. I ended up using my green frog tape to protect the book from gesso and paint. It works beautifully!
My subject is "SIDES," of any kind ................. I chose to start it off with seaside which is where I would like to be this weekend. I think we are all pleased with the warm up this week and hope it continues. I am definitely a Texan because I really dislike the ice and snow ( almost more than the blazing heat of the summer).
I am SO excited to participate in this Texas Moleskin Round-up! I kinda feel like a pioneer even though we aren't the original group. We are the first Texas group! This is so cool,I can't believe we are finally starting! My friends at the studio thought I was nuts to start so early but I was like a kid at Christmas with a new toy - I couldn't wait! I hope everyone has as much fun as I have painting in my moleskin! Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

Detritus by Jean Townsend

Ok, here goes! This was fun - also I was a little unsure of things. I gessoed the paper, painted the images, then varnished the whole thing. I'm going to include sheets of parchment paper folded up in that wonderful little pocket for everybody to lay over the surface of their paintings so there is no sticking and pulling up of paint. And although my first painting was sort of clean I welcome messiness and fingerprints etc. in my book, so don't be worried about that. And thanks to the sainted Linda Popple for setting up this blog and the sainted Angela for whipping it all into shape. I will get my moleskine right in the mail.