Saturday, April 16, 2011

04/16/11 Chibi for Angela

I know, I know ........... he is adorable! This is Chibi ,my little Rescued French Bulldog. He is my "baby boy." The teachers at Lakewood Elementary always say that they want to be reincarnated as my dog because I spoil him so much. He definitely has "issues," and one of them is that he hates being petted by strangers - as Ann Rogers found out! Thank heaven she has quick reflexes and was able to jerk her hand away or she might ................. oh well, lets not even go there. One of the reasons I got him was because I had no children and they failed to tell me that he wasn't house trained (at a year)!! Six years later he has made little progress except he always hits the pads now.
We are an odd couple! I tell everyone that if I ever found a man that looked at me the way he does, I'd marry him!
I adore him and since I know how much Angela loves dogs, I painted my little guy for her.


  1. Carol,
    With pet portraits, I love when the pet is shown in a relaxed pose, and Chibi is most definitely relaxed, not to mention adorable! Love his little...I mean big...ears poking out of the painting. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet Chibi with me, I can't wait to see it in person. I think we should introduce your Chibi to my Cowgirl. :-)

  2. Very sweet! I like the perspective on Chibi - relaxed and looking at the viewer. He looks as though he has a strong ego! Great composition and your whites are perfect!

  3. Chibi is so cute and quite the hand full, or should I say arm full, since he's been in your arms each time I've seen him! Looks like he's waiting for my next visit.

  4. I love the graphic quality of this one- arresting composition!