Saturday, April 2, 2011

ROUGE RED by Angela Elledge

If you know me, then you know I love cows, so when I learned Kay Wyne's theme was Holy Cow, it was a matter of finding which one I wanted to paint for her. Rouge Red or Red Red if you prefer, is from SW Louisiana, thanks to my brother, who constantly provides me with photos filled with gorgeous landscapes dotted with cows.
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  1. Angela: I love it! I think you did a wonderful job on this cow. Maybe we could do a Cow Retreat. I love painting them! Thanks so much....

  2. Cow Retreat....says Kay....funny!!! Love it, Angela!

  3. My plein air bag is packed and ready! When is the cow retreat?

  4. Holy Cow!! A cow retreat?!! Sounds like fun! When and where?

    This is a great cow, Angela! Love it!!

  5. Holy Cow.....we could have a retreat in downtown Dallas and go to Fuel City for tacos and painting.....really. Let's think about it.