Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Daily Detritus, by Sharon Hodges

My Daily Detritus
by Sharon Hodges
for Jean Townsend's Moleskin

I had to look up the definition for Jean's theme "Detritus", and in doing so, found that my daily detritus is my dirty palette at the end of each painting session...and that is usually a good thing!  So, Jean, I hope you enjoy this little slice of my day!
Happy painting, all!

Please visit my blog and critique my work...your opinions, positive AND negative are appreciated and helpful to me!


  1. Very clever, Sharon. Love your interpretation of detritus!

  2. It is a neat painting....I watched Sharon create it....Jean will love it!

  3. !!!!!! Wonderful! I can't wait to get it, thanks Sharon -

  4. Yes, I agree Jean, a used up palette at the end of the day is a great day! I'm stumped about what to paint for Jean's theme, too, hopefully by the time I receive her book, I'll come up with something. Great work, Sharon! I just finished with your book and will be mailing it to Jean by the end of the week.