Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Nest for Sweet Ann Rogers

I must say that I struggled with this month's moleskin....I would like to say that I had issues with this painting because of the size of the book, the subject matter and the Texas heat. But I really can't do that. I just have to say that I have painted better nests. I would love the opportunity to paint another one for friend and artist Ann Rogers. If I had been working on a canvas, I would of simply started over on a new canvas....but you can't do that with a moleskin. If I ripped the pages that I painted out, it would probably ruin her book. So, I just hope that I get another opportunity to paint for Ann! Happy painting to everyone! Kay Wyne

1 comment:

  1. Whoo Hoo! I love your nest paintings and especially this one with my name on it. It'll be a great addition to my moleskin, can't wait to see it in person. Thanks, Kay!