Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Remnants of an All American Snack for Jean by Linda Popple

Jean Townsend's theme is detritus. She has such a creative spirit. Her theme was quite a challenge. My first thought was to paint my leftover palette, but SOMEONE (a fantastic artist, I must admit ..... Sharon Hodges) beat me to it! And her painting and format was amazing. So that idea went into the detritus file (which is over loaded!) As I sat down with my peanuts, I was just stumped and thinking and thinking of something to paint. I left the shells and went to the studio to paint another mugshot and so frustrated that I just couldn't come up with anything. The mugshot was finished and I came downstairs and saw the remnants of my snack and there it was ..... finally. As soon as it is dry I will send it on to Kay.


  1. So clever, Linda, know Jean will love your leftovers!

  2. I love how you "discovered" your subject. Very nice, love the Americana touch.

  3. Oh, I have been such a slacker, I'm so sorry!!!! I love this one, of course!
    and the story is such fun - but Linda Popple, you are a funny girl --