Monday, September 12, 2011

"Pathway to the Top" by Ann Rogers

oil in moleskin book

Linda Popple suggested that in her moleskin we paint "whatever gives you joy", so this is what I have painted in her book. Linda, you have caught me in the midst of leaning more toward landscapes and plein air painting. Hope you enjoy this scene from the highest point near Fredricksburg in the Texas Hill Country.


  1. What a lovely painting! Needs to be framed....great colors. I really enjoy looking through these moleskines once they come in the mail! Have an artful day.....Kay

  2. I LOVE this, Ann!!! I can't wait to see this in person! How did I get soooo lucky to have been included in this moleskin project?!! :-D

  3. I agree, Linda! Ann, this is so lovely. Wow!!!! It really needs to be put on canvas and framed.
    You are my idol! I love your style!