Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where in the world are we???

Texas Moleskin Round-Up Artists: Are we finished with our moleskines traveling through out the state of Texas? I don't think I know where we are on our project...and I don't have a moleskine in my possession. If you know where we are, help me out! Stay cool.....and have an artful day.....Kay


  1. Kay ~ I have Jean's and have kept it way too long. I'll get it to you next week. One more to come as soon as I get it painted. Sorry about the hold up! Hugs ~ Linda

  2. Hey.....I did get the moleskine....and guess what I did. I was showing someone at the studio the moleskine, and Sharon Hodges showed that person her moleskine she was working on. Then, I proceeded to put both in my bag, took home. Then, left on vacation. So I am bottle-necking the moleskines for sure. I forgot to tell Sharon I had her's....she is probably going crazy looking for it. Kay