Monday, February 14, 2011

Detritus by Jean Townsend

Ok, here goes! This was fun - also I was a little unsure of things. I gessoed the paper, painted the images, then varnished the whole thing. I'm going to include sheets of parchment paper folded up in that wonderful little pocket for everybody to lay over the surface of their paintings so there is no sticking and pulling up of paint. And although my first painting was sort of clean I welcome messiness and fingerprints etc. in my book, so don't be worried about that. And thanks to the sainted Linda Popple for setting up this blog and the sainted Angela for whipping it all into shape. I will get my moleskine right in the mail.


  1. I agree with Linda! Thanks to Linda too and Angela. I can't wait to get my next journal!
    I love the bright colors and your whole theme, Jean! So clever!

  2. Trash never looked so good, killer reflection on the side of the muffin paper. Thanks so much for joining us, Jean!

  3. Trash to treasure is one of my favorite projects and you have done a great job in turning these items into a treasured painting. Good shadows and reflections add to this beauty.