Monday, February 14, 2011

02/14/11 Seaside by Carol Morgan

I chose to add this uncropped picture in case anyone else has the "messies" like I do. I ended up using my green frog tape to protect the book from gesso and paint. It works beautifully!
My subject is "SIDES," of any kind ................. I chose to start it off with seaside which is where I would like to be this weekend. I think we are all pleased with the warm up this week and hope it continues. I am definitely a Texan because I really dislike the ice and snow ( almost more than the blazing heat of the summer).
I am SO excited to participate in this Texas Moleskin Round-up! I kinda feel like a pioneer even though we aren't the original group. We are the first Texas group! This is so cool,I can't believe we are finally starting! My friends at the studio thought I was nuts to start so early but I was like a kid at Christmas with a new toy - I couldn't wait! I hope everyone has as much fun as I have painting in my moleskin! Thanks for listening to my ramblings!


  1. Great painting, Carol! Seaside is such a good first "SIDE" painting. And I love the idea of the green tape to help with the messiness! I should have thought of that. At least now I will know that I can protect other moleskins. :-)

  2. Your excitement is contagious, Carol! Love your sides theme, goodness, time to start thinking up all sorts of sides. I'd love to be on a seaside exactly like this! Thanks for joining us!

  3. Love your seaside theme for this one. I get your book first so have been thinking of "sides" for my contribution...humm...still thinking!

  4. Great theme for your book...I will have to be thinking hard on it. The camera is so far away from your painting, I look forward to seeing it (and everybody's) right up close when I get your book in my hands. This is such a fun project!